1. Ray Morris, Date Unknown. Shot on 120mm film. #portrait #120mm

  2. Ava Grace, 2014

  3. Herne Bay, 2014

  4. #childishgambino #london

  5. #35mm

  7. Finished Paper Towns, now it’s time for ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To’ by @DCpierson

  9. Days Getting Lost

  10. Did a bit of editing today, I intend to do far more tomorrow.


  11. Photography | That Time Tabitha & I Went to Belgium

    Photography | That Time Tabitha & I Went to Belgium

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    Mid-February, or there abouts, me and my trusty travel companion Tabitha jumped on a very fast train and travelled to the continent via Eurostar to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. I live a stone’s throw away from Ebbsfleet, so even though the train left at ridiculous AM (7:20am) we were still able to get there with plenty of time. After arriving in Brussels we…

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  12. This bench used to have a view.


  13. Thoughts | A Nagging Feeling

    Thoughts | A Nagging Feeling

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    There is a particular stanza of a particular poem that is currently having the strangest effect on me  at what is now 2:48am.
    I found it a little whilst perusing quotes on Goodreads for a small script I’m working on. Something different, something direct.
    I feel as though I know it, but this feeling is more powerful than everyday recognition, yet, at the same time as light as a whisper.
    About as…

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  14. Had to stop doing any video work for a while as I’ve got about 8GB left on my laptop and ext. hard drive.