3. It’s an editing sort of day.


  5. Ava Grace from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    Today’s video was taken whilst out photographing the lovely Ava Grace (twitter.com/Graceavagrace).
    The camera used for the footage and the photos was the Canon EOS 50D.
    The photos can be seen here -

    Music: YEN by Brendan Grieve

  6. London With Marri from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    A short video I made on a day trip with my friend Marri
    *fair warning: contains a squirrel*

    Hardest Geometry Problem in the World - Mark Mothersbaugh

  7. Camber (Sands) In The Rye from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    Matt, Faye and myself on a day trip to Camber Sands in Rye.
    Kites! Beaches! Splishy Splashy!!
    And a ride into the sunset that seemed just beyond our grasp.

    “Lizard Song” by Via Audio
    From the album Animalore

  8. Camber In The Rye (at Camber Sands Beach)

  9. Camber In The Rye (at Camber Sands Beach)

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  11. Short Film Script | Antiques Appraised

    Short Film Script | Antiques Appraised

    antiques banner

    Today’s short script basically only exists because of the following tweet-

    Someone needs to write a sitcom about the people who hover in the background on the antiques roadshow…—
    Emily Grace Bevan (@EmilyGraceBevan) April 06, 2014

    Now I’ve not been able to write anything for ages and it feels good to have something new written. Now I can write again, I’m going to start on the set of stories I…

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  13. Photography | Herne Bay (End Of Day)

    Photography | Herne Bay (End Of Day)

    Herne Bay Banner

    Today’s blog post focuses on a particular part of what was a pretty busy day. This particular day out started in Tonbridge, moved to Sandwich, Canterbury and ended where we begin our post. Herne Bay.

    The fog on Herne Bay was very heavy that day, and I love fog. Walking on the beach was pretty interesting, seeming that it was my very first time in Herne Bay it was…

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  15. Old photo shot on the #Olympus OM-10 with Ilford #XP2 film. (at Fox and Firkin)