1. Finished Paper Towns, now it’s time for ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To’ by @DCpierson

  3. Days Getting Lost

  4. Did a bit of editing today, I intend to do far more tomorrow.


  5. Photography | That Time Tabitha & I Went to Belgium

    Photography | That Time Tabitha & I Went to Belgium

    Camber Sands 257 banner

    Mid-February, or there abouts, me and my trusty travel companion Tabitha jumped on a very fast train and travelled to the continent via Eurostar to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. I live a stone’s throw away from Ebbsfleet, so even though the train left at ridiculous AM (7:20am) we were still able to get there with plenty of time. After arriving in Brussels we…

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  6. This bench used to have a view.


  7. Thoughts | A Nagging Feeling

    Thoughts | A Nagging Feeling

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    There is a particular stanza of a particular poem that is currently having the strangest effect on me  at what is now 2:48am.
    I found it a little whilst perusing quotes on Goodreads for a small script I’m working on. Something different, something direct.
    I feel as though I know it, but this feeling is more powerful than everyday recognition, yet, at the same time as light as a whisper.
    About as…

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  8. Had to stop doing any video work for a while as I’ve got about 8GB left on my laptop and ext. hard drive.

  11. It’s an editing sort of day.


  13. Ava Grace from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    Today’s video was taken whilst out photographing the lovely Ava Grace (twitter.com/Graceavagrace).
    The camera used for the footage and the photos was the Canon EOS 50D.
    The photos can be seen here -

    Music: YEN by Brendan Grieve

  14. London With Marri from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    A short video I made on a day trip with my friend Marri
    *fair warning: contains a squirrel*

    Hardest Geometry Problem in the World - Mark Mothersbaugh

  15. Camber (Sands) In The Rye from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

    Matt, Faye and myself on a day trip to Camber Sands in Rye.
    Kites! Beaches! Splishy Splashy!!
    And a ride into the sunset that seemed just beyond our grasp.

    “Lizard Song” by Via Audio
    From the album Animalore